1977 – 1978




The ‘No Name Club’ commenced on the 21st of July 1977.  At this first meeting the proposed names where presented and voted upon.

The agenda and results where;
Election of Chairman for the Meeting – Ron Mason
Election of President – Paul Lumb
Election of Secretary / Treasurer – Malcolm Robertson
Adoption of a Name for the Club – Quill Club.
The need for a Constitution –
Elect Sub-Committee for Drawing up Constitution – Michael Phillips & Terry Anderson
Date of First Luncheon – 12th of August 1977. Cost not to exceed $10 per head.


Inaugural meeting letter

Club constitution

List of nominated members

Calendar of events





Monthly lunch expensive has increased from $10 to $12.50 (max)
  • Attached Calendar of Events
  • Insurance Institute Cricket Day
  • The Draw for Cricket
    • Rules
    • Results
Members Names
Name Employer
Peter Anderson New Reinsurance Geneva Pty Ltd
Terry Anderson R.H. Tolley & Gardner Pty Ltd
Keith Beresford Bland Payne Australia Ltd
Bob Bowler Underwriting Management Services
Bob Brown Glassop & Sons (Vic) Pty Ltd
Graham Butt Associated National Insurance Co.
Brian Cairns Australian Reinsurance Co.
Bernard Carney Victory Reinsurance Co. of Australia
Bernard Costigan Greater Pacific General
Trevor Curry Bain Dawes Reinsurance Pty Ltd
Robert Daniels G.R.E Insurance Limited
Phillip Gregory Transport Industries Ins
Graeme Hiscock Stromark Australia Insurance Limited
Bob Hughes Barrell Insurances Pty Ltd
Ian Love Barrell Insurancs Pty Ltd
Paul Lumb Sphere Drake Underwriting Aust. Ltd
Ray Martin Cargo & Marine Insurances Ltd
Ron Mason Gibbs Bright Insurance Co
Jim Mitchell Australian Insurance Brokers Ltd
John Neasbey Southern Pacific Insurance Co Ltd
Alban O’Riley Baillieu Bowring Reinsurance Ltd
Ian Parsons Concord Underwriting Agencies Pty Ltd
Jim Pedtro Edward Lumley & Sons (Vic) Pty Ltd
Denis Perry Copenhagen Reinsurance Co Ltd
Michael Phillipps Mercantile & General Reinsurance Co Of Australia Pty Ltd
Robert Pitt American International Underwriting
Malcolm Robertson Sterling Offices (Aust) Ltd
Steven Romp Wigham Poland Australia Ltd
Rick Thompson Alexandrer Howden Insurance Brokers Aust. Ltd
John Weston Stehhouse Victoria Ltd
April Meeting – 3rd of April 1979. – Resignation effective immediately
John Weston & Jim Pedtro
Mr Malcolm Freeman; from Hogg Robinson
Mr Neville Worthy; Daymin Insurance Limited

Calendar of events

Cricket day letter

Cricket rules and schedule

Cricket results

PresidentPaul LumbPaul LumbPeter AndersonPeter AndersonJim MitchellJim MitchellDon BerkreyWayne JenningsRay MartinBruce Wright
Secretary/TreasurerMalcolm RobertsonMalcolm RobertsonMalcolm RobertsonRay MartinTony GoughGraham BarnettBob PittRobert RoweJim MitchellMax Hunter
Due to Malcom's travel/Graham Barnett
TreasurerTrevor Curry acted as
Temp Sec/Treasurer
CommitteeMichael PhillipsMichael PhillipsTerry AndersonTerry AndersonTerry AndersonWayne JenningsBruce WrightPaul LumbBob PittChris Blair
Terry AndersonTerry AndersonBernard CostiganPhillip GregoryBernard CarneySteve WilsonRobert RoweMalcolm RobertsonWayne JenningsTony Gough
Ray MartinSteve RompBrian Cairns/Bob PittTrevor CurrySteve RompBruce WrightMichael Bohan
Paul Lumb


PresidentChris BlairEvan JohnsonSteve WilsonSteve WilsonEvan JohnsonEvan JohnsonEvan JohnsonEvan JohnsonMalcolm LeitchWayne Jennings
SecretaryMax Hunter/Bob PittBob PittRay MartinWayne JenningsChris BlairChris BlairChris BlairMarty OwensChris BlairChris Blair
TreasurerEvan JohnsonEvan JohnsonEvan JohnsonWayne JenningsWayne JenningsIan ParsonsIan ParsonsIan ParsonsIan ParsonsIan Parsons
CommitteePeter SandallPeter SandallChris BlairChris BlairPaul ShanleyPaul ShanleyPaul ShanleyChris BlairDamien CodyEvan Johnson
Neville WorthyMalcolm LeitchPeter SandallPeter SandallIan ParsonsPeter SandallJohn WestonWayne JenningsTony GoughTony Gough
Chris BlairGraeme McKenziePeter SandallRobert RoweMarty OwensMalcolm LeitchWayne JenningsMalcolm Leitch
Jim MitchellWayne Jennings15th Annv
Life memberLife memberSheraton Towers


PresidentWayne JenningsWayne JenningsWayne DorganWayne DorganLindsey ParksLindsey ParksLindsey ParksLindsey ParksLindsey ParksLindsey Parks
VPWayne Dorgan
SecretaryChris BlairChris BlairFrank DempseyLindsey ParksPaul MaydomPaul MaydomPaul MaydomPaul MaydomPaul MaydomPaul Maydom
TreasurerIan ParsonsIan ParsonsIan ParsonsMarcus RobertsonMarcus RobertsonMarcus RobertsonMarcus RobertsonMarcus RobertsonMarcus RobertsonMarcus Robertson
CommitteeEvan JohnsonLindsey ParksEvan JohnsonPaul MaydomGary CallahanPeter SandallPeter SandallGary CallahanGary CallahanGary Callahan
Tony GoughEvan JohnsonJoe RoskerIan ParsonsDon BrookesPeter DalyPeter DalyDon BrookesDon BrookesDon Brookes
Phil TurnerLindsey ParksWayne JenningsWayne JenningsDon BrookesDon BrookesAndy HancockAndy HancockPat Massari
Wayne JenningsPeter SandallPeter SandallAndrew BurtonAndrew BurtonAndrew PayneAndrew PayneAndy Hancock
Bruce DannWayne DorganGary CallahanGary CallahanHamish StewartHamish StewartAndrew Payne
Evan JohnsonIan ParsonsRobert RoweAndrew BurtonAndrew BurtonHamish Stewart
Life memberLife memberGolden Quill 26/8/99Jim Mitchell25th AnnivSimon FarmerDarren FennessyAndrew Burton
8/8/978/14/98Golden Quill 9/11/01Crown Casino
Cetificate ofDon Brookes proposedRon Johnson
20th Anniv21st AnnivSalavationAppreciation Bob Pittcommittee 5 to 7Golden Quill 12/8/2005Multiple Sclerosis
Crown CasinoMitre TavernDonation12-Jul-02


PresidentLindsey ParksLindsey ParksLindsey ParksDavid HendryPat MassariPat MassariPat Massari/Ari GanasAri GanasMarcus RobertsonMarcus RobertsonMarcus Robertson
VPDenean TurnerDenean TurnerScott O'Neil
SecretaryPaul MaydomPaul MaydomPaul MaydomTony CarmuscianoTony CarmuscianoTony CarmuscianoTony CarmuscianoTony CarmuscianoTony CarmuscianoScott O'NeilAri Ganas
TreasurerMarcus RobertsonRonnie SchwarzRonnie SchwarzRonnie SchwarzAndrew PayneAndrew PayneRudy RietwykRudy RietwykRudy RietwykRudy RietwykRudy Rietwyk
CommitteeAri GanasJennifer WilsonDavid RoddisTony CarmuscianoTony Carmusciano
Gary CallahanDuncan RichardsonRudy RietykLindsey ParksLindsey ParksLindsey ParksDon BrookesDon BrookesTony CosfordTony CosfordDavid Roddis
Don BrookesDon BrookesDon BrookesAndrew PayneDavid HendryDavid HendryLindsey ParksCaryn CrampCaryn CrampDavid RoddisMonique McKinery
Pat MassariRudy RietykPat MassariDuncan RichardsonAri GanasAri GanasCaryn CrampDenean TurnerAri GanasHelen Gordon
Andy HancockDavid HendryDavid HendryMark JohnstonDon BrookesDon BrookesDenean TurnerPeter SkeneMonique McKineryMandy McGann
Andrew PayneTony CarmuscianoHamish StewartDon BrookesJames RogersMarcus RobertsonPeter SkeneMarcus RobertsonNarelle Handley
Tony CarmuscianoHamish StewartTony CarmuscianoJames RogersMarcus RobertsonDavid Roddis
Duncan RichardsonPat MassariDuncan RichardsonTony Cosford
35th AnnivPat MassariTony Carmusciano40th Anniv lunch
Bob Pittplus Charity LunchLindsey ParksGolden Quill 21/8/15Central Pier
17/8/07 Life MemberCentral PierLife Members10/13/17
30th Anniv9/14/129/13/13
Crown CasinoAri President 20/3/14Spinal MuscularCommando Welfare
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